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Re: Jennifer Lien Was Arrested in July???

Well that's why she was hot in Warlord.

There was a dude in there making her act and dress like a woman he wanted to bang.

Truly however, in a Freaky Friday bodyswitch situation, few (straight)men, even the most metrosexualist of us, could be bothered slugging though the intense and torturous daily regime women suffer like sheep to live up to peer pressure and social compulsion and media directives.

But then Starbuck was hot as hell despite that she had basically the soul, manners and bathing rituals of a 17 year old boy caked around the 25 year old body of a sexual goddess.

There was this one scene in BSG where 6 was screwing with Baltar psychologically, by dressing up and acting like Starbuck and it was hilarious and delicious because she was miffed that his penis was conflicted. (And when Lila dressed up as Fred on Angel...)

Men make better women than women.

How many dragking clubs are there in the world?

Google says 2 and a half.
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