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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

Well, this was a letdown after last week. I'm not fond of the "documentary crew shooting the team" type of episode; not only is it kind of a cliche, but it tends to be contrived in the execution. But this one was particularly awkward. It did a terrible job simulating documentary footage. There were constant cuts between different camera angles in tight spaces where there couldn't be more than one camera operator, like in the victim's trailer or Ryan and Esposito's car. There were cuts between opposite camera angles yet no sign of the cameramen supposedly shooting them, and conversation scenes where we got closeups that would've been impossible because the other person in the conversation would've been in the way. There was clearly audible dialogue that the mikes were somehow picking up through closed doors. Basically they were using conventional filming techniques with a few superficial variations like shakycam and having the actors look at the camera. Very unconvincing.

There were some fun bits here and there, though. My favorite was the musician improvising a dramatic sting to underline Castle's statement.
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