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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man DVD review, discussion thread (poss. spoile

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Sorry, but I can't agree. It was lazy writing as it's been done in other Spider-Man stuff before...


There are some things that are central to the mythos, and Peter/MJ is one of them.

Lexcorp...excuse me...OScorp as sole reason for all the bad guys is not one of them.
So trying out a new motif is "lazy writing", but adhering to the most common story iteration isn't?

Oh, and if you want to talk "lazy writing", consider Raimi's SM1: Pete happens to be Harry's best friend (why is Harry in a public school?), both happen to crush on the same girl, who just happens to live next door to Peter, and Norman just happens to become evil at about the same time Peter gains his powers, and for absolutely unconnected reasons.

Now that's some lazy writing. Almost as lazy as a crime-obsessed billionaire being fixated on a crime-fighting girl who just happens to have grown up on his property.
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