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Re: How would other characters have handled the Kobyashi Maru test?

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Enterprise *really* dropped the ball by not doing a Kobayashi Maru origin story, showing us Archer's Enterprise making the real rescue that inspired the test.

The post-series novels tried it (Archer retreated), but that book wasn't very good, and more interested in keeping continuity with 80's fan-made blueprints (where the Kobayashi Maru was an old refitted Klingon ship being used by human traders) than the series itself (where Human/Klingon first contact had only been a few years prior)
That was bizarrely lacking in drama. All the people hating on Archer and wanting a transfer etc.. for his decision just made no sense. It as quite a let down after the build up of that title.
Not having read the book, I'll have to take your word on it. I'm quick to jump Archer's case about a lot of things, but running away from that? Seems more smart than Suicide Saavik's last stand. Okay, you can't save the ship, save yours. I'd think that would be pretty early in the captain's instruction manual.
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