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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

^You're kidding, right? So, your going to add all this complication (re: weight) to every rocket just so you can get into it easier? Instead of building it into a standing structure that gets re-used every time?

When was the last time a launch failed due to collision with the launch tower?

The reason it was a bitch putting that SV on display is that it had sat around for 20+ years and was erected outside. It would have been done a lot easier if newly built and assembled in the VAB. A standing structure designed specifically to assemble Saturn components.

How is this magical rocket going to take off horizontally without sufficiently strong engines at the other end? OH, put some there? Now you have dead weight in the vertical position and the end of the rocket that needs to save the most weight.

I have a feeling you're just "taking the piss" here. You're smarter than that last post you just made, though you seldom show it anymore on TBBS.
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