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When Kirk said that "Out of all the people I've known, Spock was the most human," or words to that effect, wasn't that pretty ridiculous?

I mean, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, etc., all have shown a wide range of emotions, and Spock 99.9999% of the time was stone-faced.

Yes, Kirk apparently wanted to say something memorable at Spock's funeral, but seriously, that kind of exaggeration is way over the top. I bet Sulu and Chekov were rolling their eyes when Kirk said it.
The point Kirk was trying to make was that Spock always aspired to be more than he was, and that in choosing to sacrifice himself to save his friends and crew, he demonstrated unparalleled courage and compassion for the people with whom he served. Courage, compassion, and the desire to better oneself are human values, and Kirk believed that his friend embodied these values more than any other individual he'd encountered.
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