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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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I'm in the UK, and I find this tipping thing very strange....... It seems to be creeping in there in certain restaurants, and some people I know tip, others do not.

Why the HELL do the employers not increase all prices by 10% or whatever and give all staff a payrise? I can't get my head around being given a price on a menu and then discovering the person who brought the food from the kitchen is not getting paid enough to carry out even that basic function- surely the employer has it wrong.

I'd prefer the option to go to the kitchen and collect my own food and then wash up, if the waiter/waitress service is mandatory then employers need to pay their staff more and include this cost in their pricing structure.
Honestly, if servers were paid a "real wage," they'd probably make less money than with the current system of tipping in the US.
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