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Films that made you hungry.

Got my November issue of Total Film today, one of the pieces of mail in the dialogue section asked which movies made you hungry as you watched. The chili dog scene in Point Break was suggested.

For me it was the scene in Saving Private Ryan, where Tom Hanks' character, Captain John Miller, was at a small command post a week after the Normandy landing. He witnesses soldiers shaving with hot water, drinking hot thick black coffee and eating sandwiches made with thick cut fresh bread. He, mostly likely, had been eating cold field rations for a week. Tom Hanks' (one of my favorite actor) eyes quietly told us how much he envied those men, he all but drooled over the food and coffee he was seeing.

I felt he's hunger, I experienced it sitting in there the theater. And I had only ten years at the time.

Were there any movies that actually made you feel hunger as you watched?

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