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Interesting take on the Jackson situation:

Jackson wanted to humiliate Lakers vice president Jim Buss far more than he wanted to coach the team. He wanted significant allowances on travel, coaching duties and an ability to veto player personnel moves that didn't fit his vision. With an unprecedented 11 coaching championships, Jackson had every right to make unprecedented demands. He doesn't have the right to be surprised when the Lakers rejected them and hired a pliable, cheaper coach in Mike D'Antoni
That was a pretty interestingly timed hit piece.

In any event, it's rather clear that Jackson overreached, and his agent is doing a pretty terrible job of spin control in the aftermath. I'd say the most successful coach of all time can make those kind of demands, but I understand why the Lakers might not have been eager to sign away all decision-making and then possibly end up with Kurt fuckin' Rambis as head coach in a year.

D'Antoni will be an interesting fit. I think a lot of the complaints about defense stem from him having a team where Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire were the two major focal points. His defense was pretty good when he had Tyson Chandler, and Dwight Howard is a souped-up version of that. That being said, though, there are some knocks on him; the fact that he can't customize his system to his personnel is problem number one. Problem number two is that he's incredibly bad at in-game adjustments. Problem number three is he's a distraction on the sidelines because he's completely unprofessional. So it'll be interesting to see how he deals with the LA media.

I mean, I understand the desire for Jackson, but I thought he seemed pretty much done in his last year, and his demands were patently ridiculous (if true). Fans would have been driven nuts seeing Nash wasted in the triangle, and I don't think Howard would learn it in time to save the season.
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