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Re: TOS theme music and studio logo musings

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It's interesting all the little ways presentations of the show have varied over the years.
I sincerely praise your attention to detail, but I fear you have outstripped us all. No, it's not interesting -- to me, at least. I admire your dedication, however. You should become a film historian. I really mean that. Someone with your abilities should work in restoring silent films, for which there are so many different cuts, usually made for different countries.

The films of Lon Chaney, Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy could all benefit from your expert eye. Odd as it may seem, there still is no true example of the original release of Chaney's "Phantom of the Opera." All we have is a hodgepodge of cuts from mutliple American and European releases, in different sizes of film stock re-released over decades.

You frankly amaze me!
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