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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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IIRC, ILM only worked on EaF, which included building up a library of shots for use during the entire series (they also did the lovely matte painting of Deneb IV that didn't need replacing). Otherwise the same F/X house (can't remember the name) worked on S2 as worked on S1.
Was it "Image G"?
Sounds right. They did great work for the time and budget, as the S1 blu-rays prove.
It was kind of a group effort. After the pilot, Gregory Jein, Inc. made the miniatures, Image G did the motion control photography with the miniatures, Composite Image Systems (CIS Hollywood) did the bluescreen compositing and film transfer to tape, and Illusion Arts did the matte paintings. Then, all the graphics and other post-production VFX were assembled together over at The Post Group.,_Inc.
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