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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Not really convinced she is dead either as I find it hard to believe that zombie would eat a whole person in such a short space of time.
As an aside, it's amazing to me that both Andrew Lincoln and David Morrisey who are both really good British actors do such an amazing job at faking an American accent. Bravo.

Our actors sadly do not do such a great job at faking a British one. I wonder why?
Actually there are a few good reasons for this...

1) Most of the Brits in American entertainment are actually good actors that can effectively do an American accent. Having lived in the UK and seen plenty of British TV, I can assure you that there is no shortage of dodgy British actors that do questionable American accents. Actually, anyone that has ever watched Spooks/MI5 has probably seen a few of them.

2) Most British actors, indeed Brits in general are regularly exposed to American accents in the media.They watch our shows, listen to our music and Americans are regularly in their news. Thus they have a somewhat better sense of how we sound.
Americans have comparatively much less exposure to the range of British accents. Unless one is a regular consumer of British entertainment (like watching BBC America or seeking out British shows/news) you probably never hear a British accent. This is also why Australians can be just as good at the accent.
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