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Or, Carl did shoot her, but the bullett just grazed her. Then Carol would have to sew up a field cesarean and then get Lori out of that room.
Seems impossible, doesn't it?
Well, 88% of field amputations during the Civil War [which IMO is the most apt comparison to the prison in TWD] died from that amputation. So, Herschel beat the odds. Perhaps Lori will as well?
Here's what Kirkman told the press the day after last week's episode: " I think we’ve seen enough that we know Carl would not miss from that range....that poor child did shoot his mother and, yeah, we’re going to be dealing with that."

So either Kirkman lied through his teeth or Lori is dead, really dead, from a Carl inflicted head shot.
Hmmm... That can be taken more ways than you think. They are dealing with it, and that poor child did shoot his mother... but it might still have been a graze. Enough blood spatter and Carl wouldn't know the difference. (Heck, they've pulled that one on us before!) I seriously doubt he hung around long enough to take her pulse afterward.

Heck, Carl may have shut his eyes, squeezed the trigger and run away without looking at the results. I can totally see that.

Kirkman doesn't have to be lying. He only has to be a bit ambiguous.
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