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Re: Now That John Logan Has Proven Himself, What Went Wrong With Nemes

This will be my last post on this topic in any thread. It has all been discussed so often.

Filmmaking is a highly collaborative medium. It is arguably the most collaborative medium of all. When there is a success, there are many who are responsible. The same is true when there are (perceived) failures.

Even TNG cast members have gone on record as saying that this installment "sucked." And I am loathe to argue with them.

It's also true that it's hard to tell, when you're an individual working on a film, just how the completed result will look. Your own part is so small -- even if you're a featured actor. You have to trust that someone else has a vision of the greater, finished whole. Usually this is the director. In the past, when Hollywood had a very strong studio system, it was the producer.

Whether you love or hate "Nemesis," there is fault and credit all around. Every last technician made it what it was and what it was not.

I did not enjoy the film myself. I was astonished that I felt perfectly free to go back out into the lobby halfway through to refill my popcorn. Others love it. Good for them.

I refuse to judge the audience. Surely there is a lot in the thing to like. Perhaps art direction?

But please let us stop looking for just a few villains or, alternately, heroes, who are responsible for any Trek movie or even episode. That's just simplistic. It's like blaming a moth for the run in a silk stocking. Many, many are responsible.

Perhaps they should have spoken up at the time. Perhaps they spoke up too much in approving the screenplay. Perhaps they did not offer their own suggestions. Perhaps they trusted the director too much. Perhaps they did not trust him enough.
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