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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

After casually watching a show here and there, over many years, and finally getting to around season five, I like DS9 now. Dax, Terry Farrell, is probably one of the loveliest, most charming actresses to ever grace the Trek screen.

I've learned to appreciate Avery Brook's character. Dr. Bashir is a unique character, the charming, skilled wolf? Sort of a slimier version of Kirk? I actually like the Ferengi, especially the one who sounds like "Which way did he go George."

Did I mention Dax?

My favorite character is Miles O'Brien. With this character, you get a sort of, average, (relatively speaking) starfleet average Joe kind of guy, plus he's Irish and drinks whiskey. And of course it's great to see more of Worf.

Yup---like the show. But, obviously, the average viewer and even Trek fan is not going to take the time to appreciate this program as it just seemed to move too slow and be a little too caught in diplomacy and such for a quick thrill.

I really, don't think I'll ever give Enterprise the same treatment. I just don't care about that one. But, because so many fans avowed this incarnation of Trek, I decided it was worth the effort and I'm glad I tried. DS9 is kind of a trekker's Trek. I now believe, surprisingly, some love should be shown for DS9 and hope to see some kind of a cameo in the new trek films from something or somebody from DS9. I may even try a novel. I look forward to finishing the series.
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