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Re: Malcolm Reed/Dominic Keating Appreciation Tea and Big Gun Societ

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Oh and sorry if I crossed some line Serit.. though you seem to have crossed it with me
No, you haven't crossed any line! The only similarity with Dominic that my husband has is his eyes. Oh, and his ability to say "Fine." often...

...and I don't think I crossed any line with you... I don't think so, at least; now, with Dominic, hail yes, in a bloody Brit minute!
You wrote:
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You just want him to lie down on your couch and close his eyes.
My hub also knows that if I were to attend a con without him, and Dominic was there... yeah, in a bloody Brit minute (always keep a few C notes in my brassiere to get Dom good 'n' drunk... then again, he's good all the time, drunk might be easier to have my wicked way with him...

The reference to Arch-Angels is about a series of posts I made in 2009:

What did you dream about last night?
...Malcolm Reed in skivvies, handcuffed somewhere comfortable and private... candlelight, champagne, romantic music, flowers... fuzzy handcuffs... butterscotch sauce, did I mention butterscotch sauce? :wub: :fgirl:

...and my husband kept interrupting me by calling me, and my cellphone kept doing the TOS communicator chirp, and I couldn't turn the dang phone off! Even when I did, it would turn on the next time my husband called!!

...and every time Rich called, Malcolm thought it was Trip looking for him, so he'd start shouting to get him out of there, and I'd have to stuff a rose in his mouth to gag him--luckily he didn't choke on loose rose petals! :fgirl:

...more likely with my luck, Dominic Keating with a restraint order... :crying:

's what I was referring to on Arch-Angels..., no offense intended or lines intended to have been crossed...
//sigh// " many (male) (Human) Starfleet officers, so little time..."
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