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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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Yet Asia is massive. It encompasses the middle east, the Indian sub continent and the Orient or more simply everything between the Bering Sea and the Ural Mountains.

So are you proposing that the Orient Express should be renamed as not to offend a small, maybe even fictional minority, or say in a supermarket where there are foods from multiple areas of Asia, it shouldn't have "Indian," "Thai" and "Oriental" but just Asia? That just seems stupid.
I believe this is a North American versus British thing again. We're more likely to use Oriental to refer to East Asian and Asian to refer to the subcontinent.
Or the ignorance of just how large Asia is - which may very well be one and the same thing. To lump everything in it under "Asia" is just silly.

In my opinion, Bones wasn't wrong in calling Shanghai an Oriental city as, well, China is what I would describe as the Orient.
It's true, but I think it is along the same lines as "Paki". Here it's considered a racial slur, there it's just what someone is. We would say Pakistani. Oriental has become a bit of a world like "coloured" over there, I believe.
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