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Re: TNG Caption This! 291: Random Silliness

Before he went on shift, Worf took a moment to fix his glare on the other Klingon. One day, he knew, the rival would make his move. But when that challenge eventually came, Worf would be ready. And, every day, he made sure the other Klingon knew it.

"I don't wish to alarm you, Beverly, but the chair to your left just leant back and blinked at me".

Riker: "This is a low-quality season six episode. Here's your phaser. If at any time you choose to end it, the audience will understand".
The seeds of the ORDERS OF DISCORDIA were planted by Greyface into his early disciples. They form the skeleton of the Aneristic Movement, which over-emphasizes the Principle of Order and is antagonistic to the necessary compliment.
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