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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

Been giving some thought to some of WWE's recent wasted opportunities, in talent that is. If you look at the WWE product, it's obvious that their goal is to appeal to all demographics, however, they keep screwing this up.

WWE nearly struck gold with Booker T in early 2003. Sure, a lot of that storyline was in bad taste (the lines Triple H was given were particularly awful), but the basic premise was a great idea (reformed convict becomes a wrestler, climbs to the top of WCW during it's decline and is working his way to the top of WWE). It's not just a storyline that could have served as an inspiration to many young guys who have been in trouble with the law, but one that had factual basis in reality and one that could have created a lot of real emotion. Not surprisingly, WWE completely fucked the storyline up and Triple H went over decisively and cleanly at Wrestlemania.

WWE had another chance to do something like this with MVP during his tenure, they never really touched upon it though. MVP is a particularly talented wrestler who happened to spend the best part of a decade in jail before reforming, and learning to wrestle. MVP could have easily made it as WWE or World Heavyweight Champion, had WWE packaged him as a face, and booked him appropriately. I don't think MVP ever really recovered from his year long humbling in 08/09, and the fact he was never booked higher than the midcard following this humbling, was probably a strong factor in him leaving to join NJPW (where incidentally, he was put over as the company's first Intercontinental Champion and has been booked strongly as a Gaijin, from the onset).
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