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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Oh, Daniel is always getting killed off and he always bounces back tougher than ever.

Daniel: "Dr. Jones I presume."
Indiana: "Ah, Daniel Jackson, is it? Flown any pyramids lately?"
Daniel: "Yes, as a matter of fact I have, you tomb raiding hack."
Indiana: "Listen, boyo, I've faced down Nazis and come away with nothing but a few scratches."
Daniel: "I've faced down advanced parasitic aliens, reptiles, space bugs, advanced replicating machines, and been killed more times than I can count."
Indiana: "I've fought aliens, too. Sometime maybe I'll tell you about the ones who made the crystal skulls."
Daniel: "They're friends of mine. Nice planet."
Indiana: "I've unleashed the power in the Arc of the Covenant."
Daniel: "And it killed what, 30 Nazi conscripts and a short little scar-faced windbag? I've freed whole planets and wiped out alien armadas that would eat the entire Third Reich like an horderve at a cocktail party."
Indiana: "Well the ladies were rather impressed."
Daniel: "Oh please. You couldn't keep a woman interested enough to sign on for a sequel.
Indiana: "Can I help it if I run around with strong-willed, powerful women?"
Daniel: "Squealing like a little girl when they see a skeleton is powerful?"
Indiana: "She was a blonde."
Daniel: "The blonde I run around with blew up a star, actually made it go nova and obliterated a solar system, as a diversion."
Indiana: "Don't make me go all Han Solo on your a**."
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