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If you don't love yourself, no one else will. Fake it 'til you make it. Belief in yourself is the most powerful tool for success you'll ever have, and ultimately it's a gift only you can give.

Plus, potential mates tend to find confidence sexy.
This reminds me for some reason of one of my favorite bits of graffiti on the Williamsburg Bridge -- tangentially, I LOVE the graffiti on that bridge; there is great art mixed in with the plain old tags, and some meaningless but beautiful favorite is "DOOM TUBA." Anyway, someone painted "Love is always the appropriate reaction." And as cynical as I am, or try to be, I can't help but be touched by that statement.

My advice is: No matter what you are confronted with, try to find something to laugh about first -- before any other response, reasoned or emotional, seek out the humor. You don't have to let other people know that you are doing it, but do it for yourself. It's gotten me through everything.

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