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One Recommendation

So people love to give advice even if they have no qualifications to do so. Even if it's not serious life advice, we're full of recommendations for other people. I was just in TNZ telling people they should try yoga. And how many of us have a friend who has become a superfan of some band and tries to get us to listen to just one song? How many of us have been that friend?

So this is your chance to make one recommendation to the people of Miscellaneous. I want to say that it can be about anything but please don't make it anything disgusting. It can be advice about love, parenting, getting a job, etc. It can be the one song that everyone should hear, the one book everyone should read, or the one food everyone should try. Or something much more interesting. I'd really like to get a large variety here so feel free to be creative!

But you are limited to one recommendation. If enough people post, I might open it up later for people to make a second recommendation, but for right now let's just get a lot of people posting.

I'll start it off by saying that I think everyone should try yoga once in their lives. You don't have to be spiritual, you don't have to pay a ton of money and go to some studio. You can try it at home even if you're not super fit or super flexible. Actually, I'd recommend it especially if you are not super fit or super flexible. There are a lot of resources online for beginner's yoga as well as the wide variety of health benefits.

So what do you recommend?
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