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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

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Nice pretty ending? They finally put together a plot arc that's exciting and engaging and it's like they had a meeting to discuss how they could screw that up in the most facepalming way. Thus we get Alien Nazi's.
Well said.

I thought maybe I might be the only one that felt this way. What a downer.
Manny Coto took over as Show Runner for S4, and wanted to dump all the Temporal Cold stuff, so he flushed it all with Storm Front 1 and 2. The changes quite a bit in S4 now, becoming more of what most of us were expecting from S1 when we heard about Enterprise being a TOS Prequel. It's my hope you will very much enjoy almost all the rest of the episodes left. You'll have mostly 2 and 3 part arcs throughout S4
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