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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

The level of confusion is high even for the Lakers. As of Sunday, from reliable reports, it sounded like the job was Phil's to accept or decline -- but there were also reports that no offer had been made. How does one accept an offer that has not been made? Did the Lakers give Phil the "impression" the job was his, then before he could accept (it was supposed to be Monday), offer the job to D'Antoni? I would hate to think the Lakers would be that unprofessional.

I really don't know what part of the roster Mitch and the Buss's are seeing as compatible with D'Antoni's run and gun style, shoot every 7 seconds or whatever the hell it is. We have two slashers. The Lakers, so far, have also not shown a great ability to hit from beyond the arc, so haow is this a D'Antoni team?

The team is set up with a two season (maybe three), window and you bring in a coach after the season starts, who has never coached in the Finals much less won a championship. I don't care what PJ's demands were, we are talking about a 6th ring for Kobe in the next 2-3 years.

This is on Jimmy Buss for hiring Mike Brown and his damn DvDs. Jimmy "handpicked" Tomjanovich and Brown, two of the worst coaching hires in team history and now he thinks he has some cred with D'Antoni? This truly sucks.
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