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Re: TNG Caption This! 291: Random Silliness

PICARD: Holographic projection technology has only made Doritos' adverts even more annoying.

WORF: And to think, I was only going to grow it for Movember.

CRUSHER: I cooked; that means you're doing the washing up.

RIKER: Answer or I shoot.
AQUIEL (looks at backwards phaser): Sure, go ahead. I double-dare you.

(EDIT: Ah, I now see Jonas Grumby's already done this gag. Serves me right for getting to the thread late! Let's try a different one:

GEORDI (thinking): Every damn date ends up with Riker stealing my girl. That "do you want to feel my phaser" chat-up line is just killer.

PICARD: Dammit, I saw it once on the internet, and now I see it everywhere...
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