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Re: Red Dwarf series 9 (or is it 10?) in 2012 confirmed by Craig Charl

Last episode was very good; I like it when Rimmer gets to act against type and do something mildly heroic. And I liked several other bits about it too. The episode reminded me of Out of Time in many respects, actually.

Overall, I enjoyed this series. Only one or two eps were really good, but several others were entertaining enough and it was nice to see the crew back together. I do think they became progressively more relaxed in their roles as the series progressed.

I'd like an RDXI; fingers crossed! One thing I hope is that they dial down the number of continuity nods and plot homages/riffs on the original series and come up with some really sharp new gags & settings while maintaining consistency with the characters we all know. The nods & riffs in this series helped root it as Red Dwarf, which helped while the actors got back into their respective grooves, but now they're there again, let's see some fresh gags.

Also, I think Red Dwarf is best when it tries to actually tries to make a point, even if it does so in a silly/comedic way. Nearly every episode in Series 1-6 had a moral perspective; and RDX reintroduced this in several episodes (though not all). We need that to continue/be built upon. It anchors the episode in a way that some of series 7-8 lacked.
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