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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

Onward to Season 4

Storm Front

How did they treat Archer's burns so well, I wonder. I don't know. WW2 is not really where I was interested in this story going after the war to save Earth and eliminate the Expanse, but this might work out well.

Here's something I don't like. T'Pol is the acting captain, and Trip has never fully respected her position as such whenever she has taken Archer's place. There is no way he would have spoken to Archer (who's captaining skills are not at all better than T'Pol's, and in some cases worse) in such a manner in front of the rest of the crew. I personally think she's let him slide for far too long with this behavior, and this should have been addressed, dealt with, and put to rest sometime in season 1, early season 2 at the very latest. His lack of deference is appalling, and I'm glad he realized that and apologized.

The Suliban are back. And Daniels looks like he got his behind handed to him. I wonder if the bio-weapon that gets rid of non-aryans was the inspiration for a Fringe episode that dealt with the same thing. I could be a coincidence, though. With these back in time episodes, it's interesting that they (Star Trek and other sci-fi) almost always return to somewhere around the first half of the 20th century. Time loops, paradoxes, etc., must really like that semi-century or times very close to it. I don't understand it. This was an interesting look at a twist in that time, though.

I will also say that I don't know why they sent Travis with Trip. They had to know that a Nazi ruled, already very racially prejudiced and unequal, America in the 1940's wasn't the best place for the black guy to go if they could help it, and they could help it. I would have sent Malcolm or someone from Hayes' team with Trip, but this is sci-fi.

Grade: D minus

Storm Front Part II

The Nazi Alien, Vosk, brings up an interesting point in a round about way. He said that the temporal agents have their own agenda when Archer accuses him of having his own selfish agenda. How do you know which timeline is right? My answer would have been the one where no one from a different time contaminates or influences another time. But, as we saw with Daniels when he tried to convince Archer not to be the one to destroy the weapon, that was an attempted interference.

So, if the temporal agents are willing to interfere with a timeline to get a desired result, then how can you tell which timeline is right, the one you experienced? What if they (or someone else) influenced that one? Interesting.

Grade: C plus
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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