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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Talking Dead confirmed that the bloated walker did eat Lori.
Didn't see Talking Dead, was that a deleted scene?
Me neither. I saw Rick staring at these little bits of flesh where a body has been. Then he saw the bloated walker nearby and started hacking at it like crazy ... I'm afraid I didn't put it together until now.

the phone rang. I'll be honest with you, I hate talking on the phone and a phone ringing when it's least expected is one of the creepiest things for me. Even in a "safe" environment, it's jarring!
I'm wondering if the phone call is Rick being delusional or it actually was ringing? If it's actually ringing perhaps that's Carol in another part of the jail asking for help?
Normally it would make sense for it to be Rick's delusion. But I'm not even sure that phone was visible from where Rick was standing. He had to go find it after it rang. Unless artistic license is at work here, that suggests it's real.

I'm in favor of it being Carol.
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