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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Talking Dead confirmed that the bloated walker did eat Lori.
Didn't see Talking Dead, was that a deleted scene?

As many of you pointed out, I was wrong in assuming Carl didn't shoot Lori. Carl really recovered nicely from that, while Rick's gone off the deep end.
Yea, he seems to be dealing with the death of his mother much better. I would have assumed the opposite considering Rick and Lori's strained and distant relationship at the beginning of season 3.

the phone rang. I'll be honest with you, I hate talking on the phone and a phone ringing when it's least expected is one of the creepiest things for me. Even in a "safe" environment, it's jarring!
I'm wondering if the phone call is Rick being delusional or it actually was ringing? If it's actually ringing perhaps that's Carol in another part of the jail asking for help?

General Question: I'm wondering if they are positioning the Governor as 'bad crazy,' or simply 'crazy,' like Herschel was in trying to bring his daughter back for an 'illness?'

Also, Lori's reaction to the Mad Max style games with the zombie's seems understated. I'd think she would have been more appalled by the towns people behavior.
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