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Re: Ensigns of Command question..

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I doubt Goshy was the type to make a sacrifice for the benefit of others like that.
Well, he did say he wanted to die defending that which was his. It would be "for the benefit of others" only in the sense that others would then enjoy the privilege of watching his statue and reading about his greatness.
It seems to me that he meant that he was willing to die if his death had a chance of creating a victory for the colony, so that others of the colony could continue to live there after he was gone.

Then why would Germany attack?
In this particular situation, purely because of symbolism. By the time the V-2 bombardment finally became effective, Germany had already lost the war, and the wise solution would have been to start negotiations with the West before the East overran Germany. But Hitler wanted to negotiate from a position of strength only, and such things would never be available to him again. So it was really just a matter of going down fighting to make a good impression in the history books.
But they attacked before that. It was an attack that started the war, after all.

But we're getting further and further off topic.
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