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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

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Maybe it is chunkier, not clunkier to use on board ship?
I don't know the ones on Caprica are elegant and tiny. The one they show on Blood and Chrome is huge. Much larger than you would need to just make the Caprica ones sturdier.
This actually makes sense. In real-world applications, milspec equipment of the electronic variety is over-abundantly hardened, tempested and armored to be able to withstand being able to get run over by a M1A3 Abrams Main Battle Tank, withstand an EMP burst and still function as the day it was built. If this is a Colonial milspec holoband, it would stand to reason that it would look much more bulky than its civilian/commercial counterpart.

Finally got a chance to see this over the weekend and, My God, WTF have the fuckwits at Skffy been doing sitting on this for so long? I, too, was getting quite irritated by the lens flairs, but aside from that, I even found NuAdama to be serviceable as a character. Maybe I've been on BSG withdrawal for too long, but I damn near loved every minute of this thing. It seems that the rumors about the CG effects not being up to snuff were quite erroneous.
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