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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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"I can't believe I missed that WNMHGB corridor photo in the book! Testament to what a fresh pair of eyes can deliver."
No need to be hard on yourself. I watched it and thought "What the ...?!" A few days later I watched the alternate edit of WNMHGB and still didn't see the connection.

Mytran wrote: View Post
"The bottom photo seems to strongly suggest a triangular intersection, anyone else think this might be the case?"
I think it's just a fork to the left or right. If it were a triangular section, the strange ladder Lt. Leslie ascends on (his first screen appearance in the alternate edit. In the original version we don't see it's him but the extended shot in the alternate edit provides this little piece of trivia) would somehow be in the way. To me it rather looks they kept this space open for better camera positions or simply ran out of budget.

Now, behind which door of this corridor is sickbay?

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