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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

Oh another thing, the title sequence was fantastic. Maybe the best there's been. Bit of a shame the song's poor and sung by a bafflingly popular chav, but stick the mute on and it's brilliant.

Also, considering they convoluted things at the end to be a bit like old Bond (though I never got the impression Maxwell ever shot Connery off a bridge), doesn't that go against the theme about his age? They were going on about how old he was throughout (and his beard was grey), how he couldn't pass the tests and whatever, and he looks like my grandad could beat him up in an argument over dominoes. People often mention how old Roger Moore looks in A View to a Kill (the best one, by the way), but he had nothing on Daniel Craig.

Just dug around and found this:
Looks like Skyfall's every bit as popular as Quantum of Solace.
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