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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

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Is it wrong that I actually like this idea?

Seriously, if that's true this idea alone should be enough to kick Lucas out the door and have a standing order at Lucas Film to ignore everything he suggests from now on.
I don't have problem with a comedic sidekick as long as it's not an annoying crap character like Jar Jar, after three movies the damn gungans should never appear again, they're awful. And it's not enough that they might be back, Lucas wants to add their stink to the awsomeness that are the wookies.

I don't even get why it's important for the sidekick motifs to rhyme ... Chebacca and Jar jar were polar opposites, nothing about them rhymed. If he wanted them to rhyme he should have started when he did the prequel trilogy and not squeeze two characters that had nothing in common into a third one.

If the new trilogy features a wookie with floppy ears who steps into poop and acts like an idiot I don't think I'll survive that, the wookies are to awesome for a fate like that.
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