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Re: Voyager Fanfics, Creations, and Favorite Videos

Sigh... oh yes. That one is nice.

GATH: Why are you so consumed with this desire to get home? I find it difficult to understand.
JANEWAY: Home is home. It's where we belong.
GATH: Couldn't you create a new home here, with us? Can you imagine a more delightful place to live, where you could pass your time extracting pleasure from every moment. I promise you, you and I have many such moments to explore.
(Gath kisses Janeway's hand.)
JANEWAY: Yes, but for how long? I've seen how quickly you get tired of your pleasures. All that interests you is what's new and unexplored. After a day or two it becomes commonplace.
GATH: Yes?
JANEWAY: We prefer permanence. The reward of relationships that endure and grow deeper with the passing of time.
GATH: You would loose those notions if you stayed with us.
JANEWAY: You may be right. And that's why we have to leave.
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