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Re: The Genesis Sunrise

The two big problems with that have been discussed frequently...

1) The Genesis technology wasn't flexible. It was designed to turn a dead planet into a living one, not to turn a nebula into a star, and even its creators could not "cram another byte into it". It must have been struggling already with being detonated so far away from any planets; it would be rather logical to assume that the Genesis planet only emerged when the effect hit the preexisting planet Regula.

2) New stars don't explain what happened to the old one. A crippled starship won't get far enough at low impulse speed to hide the preexisting star from view.

Here's a bonus one:

3) The planet was a failure, and apparently began to spin out of control and perhaps even break apart when we last saw it. The star didn't show signs of corresponding failure, though; could it be a Genesis product in that case? Granted, Spock didn't explode, either...

Timo Saloniemi
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