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Re: Species 8472: What were their motives?

A refresher...

EMH: I tried giving him a sedative, but it was rejected immediately. In fact, every treatment I've tried has been neutralised within seconds. These are alien cells. Each one contains more than a hundred times the DNA of a human cell. It's the most densely coded life form I've ever seen. Even I would need years to decipher it.
JANEWAY: They have an extraordinary immune response. Anything that penetrates the cell membrane, chemical, biological, technological, it's all instantly destroyed. That's why the Borg can't assimilate them.
EMH: Resistance in this case is far from futile. Nevertheless, I believe Borg technology holds the key to saving Mister Kim.
A new thing I find weird is that if the unnaturally dense state of 8472 is because they evolved in fluidic space, then why does the environment on their ships seem to be basically a oxygen/nitrogen mix much like our own?
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