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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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Having not scene any of the old Bond films save for Goldfinger and some of the more recent ones, is this the first Bond film to take place MOSTLY in England and the British Isles?
Pretty much. Although interestingly the original novel "Moonraker" takes place entirely in England - the only one of Fleming's novels to do so. (And it's also one of the best Bond novels, IMO.)
I thought it was jarring (not in a bad way) to see Bond in the British subway system (I believe they call them tubes). Even Q cracks "Like you'd even know."
Its called the Tube, or the Underground

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I never thought the film slowed down. It had a good balance of action and "talking" sequences.
Yeah, it's way better paced than Casino Royale...
No, I also thought Casino Royale was well paced.

I'm not one who needs a film to be nonstop action. I probably wouldn't like it if it was.
Iím not talking about pacing in terms of action, Iíve seen plenty of boring action films and plenty of action free films that kept me gripped.

CR and Skyfall probably have about the same proportion of action to talking, but by the end of Casino Royale I was tiring, getting a little bored, didnít have that problem with Skyfall. CR always feels a little bloated, Skyfall felt quite lean despite its similar running length.
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