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Re: A great way to spend 55 minutes

I bumping this thread because I've begun yet again to try and force DS9 on my fiance... and it's working a bit this time! I've been skipping around a bit, cherry-picking episodes that I think she might like.

I started with "Doctor Bashir, I presume" because she's familiar with Picardo from Stargate: Atlantis and it has some comedy and romance. She enjoyed that one. While we were watching it she asked about female Ferengi, so I showed her "Rules of Acquisition" the next day. I didn't tell her that Pel was female, but she guessed it right before the reveal. She liked that one as well. She wanted to see another one with Pel but I had to disappoint her. Instead, we watched "House of Quark" which she also enjoyed. And then she picked "Little Green Men" from the Netflix list based on the title. She said that she likes the Ferengi episodes. We also watched "Let He Who is Without Sin..." which she liked well enough but it made me mad at Worf all over again. Uggh. No wonder I have seen this one since it originally aired.

But the good news is that she's diggin' some DS9! I may go with "Looking for Par'Mach..." next. Or maybe "Our Man Bashir" after we watch Skyfall.
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