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Re: Now That John Logan Has Proven Himself, What Went Wrong With Nemes

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Before the movie was released, I was always confuzzled as to why the ads never said, "From the writer of the Oscar-winning film Gladiator."
Gladiator's credited writers were David Franzoni (screenplay/story), John Logan (screenplay) and William Nicholson (screenplay). Had Logan been the sole writer on both projects, perhaps they would have.

though I blame the usual suspects rather than Logan.
Would knowing a writer won an Academy Award make you run to watch all their other movies, even though one was a period action/adventure and one was science fiction based on a TV show?

While I have many quibbles with the storyline, I found it to be the directing and editing choices that were lacking. I think J. Frakes would have gotten good/better performances, and he would have requested changes in the script, based on his previous Trek credentials. But "Insurrection" had not set the world afire, so the gig went to Stuart Baird to fulfill a contractual obligation.

Data was my favourite character. His death scene barely raised a tear. I sobbed when Spock died. And Lal, and Jadzia, and Sisko, and Trip. That Data's demise could not affect me tells me that the director missed some opportunities.
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