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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

Today's Broncos game gave much to be optimistic about. First and foremost, the defense continues to be dominant. The Panthers offense was getting slaughtered. There were lots of Supermen flying around, and none of them were named Cam. Miller was a one-man wrecking crew today.

Trindon Holliday is scary good on returns.... but hopefully the coaches thoroughly smack him around for his early celebration. We should have gotten today's TD return taken away and he was extremely close to buggering up last week's return with the same stunt. If he wants to showboat and fling the ball away, he needs to be at least halfway through the endzone. Hopefully the coaches make him learn his lesson before he ends up costing the team some points.

The offense struggled today, and continued their horrible problems with not being able to recover their own fumbles. Honestly, how is it even possible that you put the ball on the ground 14 times and lose it 12? That's just bloody stupid. On a related note, McGahee is developing some nasty fumble issues as well. He needs to get this figured out because the options behind him aren't great (Hillman shows flashes but isn't there yet, I'm still not sure how Ball keeps hanging onto this roster, and Moreno also fumbles but doesn't have Willis' upside of occassionally gaining some yards).

Also saw the end of the Rams/ 49ers game..... did either of those teams want to win?
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