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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Yeah, that was pretty damned cool. Too bad they didn't let IronE have it. That's be an interesting piece for a bookshelf!

Between last week's episode and the revelation of the Governor's daughter and Woodbury's secret stash of walkers, I felt like the latter half of the episode dragged on. Not being familiar with the comic books, I was expecting the major part of the festitivities to be opening the gates and letting in the nearby walkers to slaughter them and thin the herds. In retrospect, that would be too big of a risk for the Governor to take, but still, they made an awful lot of noise.

What really struck me is that this was the first week that I felt they really drove home the difference between the two locations. Woodbury was festive, while the prison was in mourning. Woodbury was going out of its way to capture and keep walkers, while Rick was going on a murdering spree (mirrored in Michonne's moment with the captive walkers).

Talking Dead confirmed that the bloated walker did eat Lori. As many of you pointed out, I was wrong in assuming Carl didn't shoot Lori. Carl really recovered nicely from that, while Rick's gone off the deep end. I really thought the crying baby at the end would snap Rick out of it, but instead, the phone rang. I'll be honest with you, I hate talking on the phone and a phone ringing when it's least expected is one of the creepiest things for me. Even in a "safe" environment, it's jarring!
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