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Re: I need to run this by some people...

Ok this isn't really a dating guide, it's just straight reality for most cases:

Don't play games, you can be subtle but don't be coy and manipulate. Don't do the waiting to call thing; don't worry you're looking desperate (whether you are or not); there's nothing wrong with complimenting someone if you mean it (guys seem to thing they'll give a girl an attitude if they say something positive). Don't wait to ask someone out, it's easier just to ask.

Be yourself...up to a point. Don't pretend to be someone you're not (don't lie about your real day to day life) HOWEVER, there's nothing wrong with acting more confident than you might normally be, or simply put more energy into how you project yourself. This can actually be good practice for later on when you might actually become that.

Be direct, but not overbearing. I've found that simply saying what your wants or needs are are a lot more useful than waiting.

These are pretty general but also sensible, if someone can't handle that, then they arent for you. I would have trouble with anyone who wasnt honest and reciprocated. I've never had a girl turn me down for a date (or other things) unless she was already taken (again something to ask about early).

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