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Re: "Apotheosis" - the unproduced episode?

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I will admit, I was surprised to see "Commander Ryker" on a script from as late as 1988. I didn't want to be the one to call it out, but I am dubious.
And the script looks nothing like an official TNG script... it looks like it came off an actual typewriter. They used word processors on TNG.

EDIT: And you're right, according to the ST: TNG Companion, Ryker became Riker sometime between the February 4th, 1987 revision of the writers' guide and the final version dated March 23rd. Meaning no teleplay was ever written with his name spelled "Ryker."


Some more noted, "Lennart Roche" and "Sydney Bodeen" have almost no net presence at all.

On August 3rd 2010, Sydney made an off-hand comment on the Trekmovie board, and on that very same day Lennart made contact with him, seemingly with a "long time no see" type of message. Coincidence? They exchange email addresses, (which of course conveniently makes them available to anyone) and that is that.

ProfKSergeev, the one sharing this stuff, registered on the rpf just ten days after that. Another possible coincidence?

The notes have it that the episode starts in 4x3 then widen to 16x9 (approximate) in scene 33, which I find fairly unlikely.

Like the writers, there are no real credits for Artie Procter(n) or for Ben Myers (the one who made the atelier.)

This sentence, "the team that developed this episode answered to a different boss at Paramount and was more or less sequestered from the regular TNG staff." seems to be a simple way of trying to stop anyone from being able to say, "How come no one knew about this before now?"

Why would there be a "break glass in case of cancellation" script in the first place? And why would such a script have an astronomical budget?

Here's a tidbit that makes the whole thing fall apart, in my opinion..."According to Syd Bodeen, one of the writers, the script got as far as a table read" Really? An unfinished, three-part budget buster that was written and developed away from the regular production team and that no one has ever heard of before got as far as a table read? No way.

So, what do you think? Is it fans trying to get attention by getting their work out there "virally", or fans who tried to get noticed by TNG back in the day and finally decided to share all the stuff they made back then?

Let's see what Dan Curry says.
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