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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man DVD review, discussion thread (poss. spoile

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On a positive note I will say I liked the "web spinning" scene in the sewer. It sure beats having the hero blindly stumbling upon the villain or worse, finding him without any reason given. It was also a good way to maintain the spider motif.

I liked that Spidey was playing a game on his phone to pass time by. It's little things like that that I wish Raimi's version would have put in.

The only thing they missed was Spidey eating with half his mask up

I saw it for the first time tonight. The blu-ray looked fantastic.

Some observations-

- I know Marc Webb directed "500 days of Summer" and it was a teen love story. Even though I never saw that movie I could tell "Amazing Spider-man" was influenced by it.

-It was really hard to make out some of the dialogue during Peter and Gwens intimate scenes. They were almost whispering.

-The bioweb ordered by Peter Parker from Oscorp. Um how? Did he use his "internship" status to order the product?

-The invention of the webshooter and and making a police band radio seemed to come by real fast.

-Emma Stone looked so cute!
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