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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

Oh my GOD!!

Fucking Rams suck so much it makes me sick to my ass!

First play in OT: 80 yard pass to the Niner 2 yard line!

But"Illegal Formation" penalty. Illegal formation? What the fuck? You're supposed to be goddamned professionals! You can't get something as basic as lining up correctly?? Fuck you and everyone you've ever loved.

Ah, but fortune smiles once again. Akers misses an easy FG, and the Rams are back in it!

Game winning field goal time...and...IT'S GOOD!!!

Except...hold on...the play clock ran out. Are you serious? You know that big ticking screen at either end of the field? FUCKING LOOK AT IT you chimp fuckers. GOD!!! Why?

Isaiah Pead should be cut immediately and left to find his own way home. The rest of the team (except Steven Jackson) should take the fucking Greyhound back, with stops in Get Fucked, NV and Eat Shit and Die, CO.

(Sorry Timby. I know this is your thing, but I couldn't hold that in without giving myself an embolism.)
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