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Re: "Apotheosis" - the unproduced episode?

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Easiest way to find out if its real is to ask Dan Curry. His name is on storyboards they present in the thread.
I'm actually in email contact with Mr. Curry (for a completely different reason). When he replies to me next I'll ask him about this.
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I was hoping you guys could shed some light on it; I figured you would know or be able to find out. Look forward to seeing what Mr. Curry has to say.

The thing that really jumped at me was the coffee cup stain on the script page; it seemed artificial to me, and the stain on a script page is a big cliche' at this point. However, I've hunted a great many ghosts in Sliders production; and I know from there that sometimes apparently obvious b.s. turns out to be the truth.
I just think the misspelling of Riker, the anime sailor on the cover sheet and the fact that the writers have absolutely no other writing credits make me skeptical.
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