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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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1. S2 HD remaster isn't up to the standard of CBS-D's job on S1.
Yeah, I get the feeling that the two teams just aren't on the same page...a side effect of them working independently of each other when they really should have found a way for CBS-D to oversee both projects to ensure the effects work was consistent. What I've seen so far falls flat.

Some are saying that S2 is probably closer to the original artists intent. I'm not sure I can completely agree with that. Does that mean that the original artists didn't try to hide visible matte lines? I'm pretty sure during the original run that the artists did their absolute best to hide the matte lines, so it baffles my mind why we are now seeing visible matte lines in HD when they are more easily removed with today's tech. If the artists could have completely removed them in the late 80's early 90's, they would have. I don't want to see HD matte lines. I only want to see the updated original FX. I don't know, it seems that HTV, under the guidance of Dan Curry, have either been careless or painfully stubborn in clinging so tightly to "how it looked".

I personally feel CBS-D struck the perfect balance between how it looked back then and how the same footage looks after being run through today's technology. They understood that just because the original footage for an explosion still existed, it didn't mean that they should use it if it didn't look good in HD.

I was extremely optimistic when I heard Dan Curry was overseeing the HTV team, but if this is the type of approach we can expect from him, then my enthusiasm for Season 2,4 and 6 have been completely dampened.

Some people keep stating the obvious, "it's an improvement over the DVD's". That's all fine and good, but they're completely different formats. I'm comparing the quality to S1 bluray...and from what I've seen so's just not measuring up.

Sorry to sound like a whiner, I don't mean to come off that way but if the whole Season 2 is like the shots we've been seeing, it will be a huge let down after Season 1.
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