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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

It was ok. At least Daniel Craig acted like James Bond for the first time, even if he looks more like a weathered Easter Island statue than ever. A right bit of fanwank when it turned into Home Alone. I don't care about someone M used to know, and I certainly didn't want to see the house James Bond grew up in, complete with old yokel who hasn't moved on. Could have done with being half an hour shorter. And really, if MI6 hadn't been so stupid as to use a magic electronic cell rather than standard lock and key, the whole thing could have been avoided. I liked the bits in whatever oriental city it was, with the neon skyscrapers and the sniper and that. The villain was alright, though I wasn't so keen on Bond's "What makes you think I haven't been given the rough nasty up the brown badge before?" Beyond that it was lots of silly dialogue and spot the reference (stepping up on the CGI monitor lizard like the crocodiles in Live and Let Die was a particular eye-roller). Got some good bits though and worth seeing once. Certainly streets ahead of Question of Sport.
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