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Re: TNG Caption This! 291: Random Silliness

Picard: "Tell Josť he'll get his chilli peppers when we get there! Tell him they're prime Mexican Reds; I hand-picked them myself! But he won't die if he goes a few more days without them!"

Worf: "Yes. Yes! Twirling it does make me look sinister!"

Picard: "Beverly, I think it's time we made some changes in our routine. After all, most of the crew already think we're sleeping together after dinner every night, and not just playing Parchessi."
Crusher: "So, you're suggesting we set up the Parchessi board in Ten Forward instead of here in your quarters from now on?"

Riker: "Talk! Or I'll fry your ear off with this phaser!"
Aquiel: "Go ahead, big man, I dare ya! Press that firing stud, stud!"
LaForge: "Um...Commander...?

Picard: "Data? 'The asshole of the universe'?"
Data: "I read it somewhere, sir."
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